Over the last years, I've had the privilege of working
with numerous CEOs & Founders one-on-one.
This is what they have to say.

“Peter is a very warm, caring, emotional person, which makes him really good at what he does.

But then at the same time, he can turn off those emotions and be brutally honest with you and tell you his opinion on things. Always done in a caring way, but he's very straight and to the point.

Those two sides blend together in what make Peter so great at what he does.”

Dan S.

Brand Builder

“If you’re looking for a new perspective, want to change “something” but don’t know what, and may be skeptical about the value of coaching, I cannot recommend Peter enough.

He will guide you through your own thoughts and challenges in a compassionate and humorously no-nonsense way.”

Charlie L.

Founder & CEO

“Peter's coaching style was both holistic, honest and

He saw me as a whole person and challenged my actions in life as a private person and professional in the company.

This approach gave me tools and clarity for not only growing professional but also as private person.”

Stine H

CXO & Co-Founder

“Peter worked with me during a high-pressure period in my startup (3rd year, series B approaching, COVID still raging), and I immediately felt recognition of my situation and what I was going through – no doubt due to Peter’s background.

Through bi-weekly sessions, I learned new coping mechanisms, ways to center myself, gained ideas for how to handle conflicts, and much more.”

Andreas S

CXO & Co-founder

“Associated with the development of a new product, Peter has been a valuable support in implementing a business level strategy and preparing for onboarding potential investors.

His effective and structured approach, helped translate the overall direction of the business into actionable goals, by quickly identifying resources, allocate them accordingly and prioritise what needs doing when.”

Neel V.


“The hard questions that you sometimes don’t ask yourself were constantly posed, helping me focus on understanding what I truly want for myself and how to set specific and measurable milestones to see progress and stay on the chosen path.

In a very short time, I was able to turn around my startup from a deep negative EBITDA to breakeven and a bright future.At a personal level, I feel great and full of energy and motivation.”

Ruben L.

Co-founder & CEO

“When you are knee deep in the mud in the trenches, having someone who has no vested interest in your company, who has been in those same trenches themselves, and who can help you see the path ahead, is incredibly valuable.”

Anne D.

CEO & Founder

“Peter's approach is unique; he dives into the fabric of one's professional and personal life, untangling the knots of stress with precision and empathy.

When the lines between family and business blurred, causing a stagnation in growth, it was Peter who introduced clarity and structure.”

Tudor G.


“Peter possesses a rare and innate ability to offer guidance in both professional and personal realms.

His extensive experience is immediately impressive, and his unique, laser-focused coaching approach adds depth to his one-on-one interactions with clients.”

Finn K.

Founder & CEO

"Through my meetings with Peter, he helped me gain clarity in my thoughts and priorities.

The outcomes from our sessions were tangible—I established new habits that significantly improved my work-life balance.

Thanks to Peter, I now enjoy greater productivity and a more fulfilling personal life.”

Helene T